about us

what oz brew is about

Oz Brew stores provide tailor made products and kits focusing on the issues that arise according to the location of where a person is brewing.

We stock stills, essences for spirits and liqueurs, kegs, fittings, wines and just about everything for distilling and brewing in Australia.

We service the beer, wine and spirit brewing industry with an unbiased range of products coming from a variety of suppliers. We do not believe that any one brand in particular is the best to buy everytime. Experience shows that a combination of products from a variety of sources often produces a better result than a standardised mass produced product.

Home brew in Darwin is taken to a new level with two great stores. Oz Brew Palmerston and Oz Brew Darwin homebrewing supplies. Store locations can be found in the CONTACT US section of the site. Both stores offer a great range of products as well as innovative ideas to help you brew quicker and easier.

At OZ Brew, we believe that the best way to produce successful brews is by keeping things simple and tailoring brews to suit the areas in which people live. Homebrew in Australia has changed dramatically over the past few years with products and brews being significantly improved during this time.


In keeping with these views, Oz Brew provides an extensive range of products that help any self-brewer produce the best brew they can, while making the process as simple and as easy as possible.