Drinking TUBS Sooner

Written by Oz Brew Crew

August 7, 2020

TUBS Recipes allow the brewer to modify the flavour of their brew if they wish. Many people choose to drink their brews early without giving them the proper maturation time. This greatly affects flavour as TUBS are full of quality ingredients that improve over time.

If you drink TUBS brews early, you will find a strong hop flavour that can be quite overwhelming. If you do choose to drink TUBS within 2-3 weeks of bottling, you can use what we call a cheats method to reduce this flavour.

When mixing your TUBS brew initially and soaking your hop bag in a cup of boiling water, instead of adding bag and all to your fermenter, take your hop bag out and just add the water to your brew. This will reduce the hop flavour and make it less strong if you choose to drink your beer early.

For more information on TUBS, go to the downloads section and download the brochure called TUBS brew packages.

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