Turbo Yeast

Written by Oz Brew Crew

October 29, 2020

Use the right yeast for where you live.

If you live in hotter areas, some yeasts may be better suited to produce the results you are after.

People who live in Northern Australia need to use different yeasts than people who live in Southern Australia, as temperatures are usually far warmer than southern climates.

In addition to general climate differences due to location, seasonal changes in all parts of the country also affect what you use and when. This means that you may even have to change yeasts during the different seasons to produce the same results from any of your brews.

In our experience Still Spirits Heat Wave turbo yeast is the most uniform yeast that covers temperature ranges from 15 deg. C up to 40 deg. C. It seems to be relatively consistent and does seem to be the yeast of choice for warmer climate brewers.

Power 23 Yeast is another good yeast that is also being met with good success, as it produces a high yielding alcohol @ 23% alc. vol. from the first fermentation, which then increases overall yield. However, it may be more temperature sensitive when brewing so it’s worth following the instructions.

Either way, brewers must know that in the majority of cases, the cooler your brew is, the longer it will take to brew. Always check your brew with your hydrometer to make sure you are getting consistent results.

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