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T500 Premium Starter Kit

A complete starter kit using a TURBO 500 condensor.
This kit includes: 1 x SS Turbo Condenser 1 x SS Turbo Boiler 6 x 1kg bags of Turbo Sugar or 8kg of Dextrose 1 x Turbo Carbon 1 x Turbo Clear / Alco Klar 1 x SS Classic or SW Turbo Yeast 1 x Steriliser / Cleaner 1 x Hydrometer 1 x Alcometer 1 x 30L Fermenter; including Tap, Airlock & Grommet 1 x Digital Thermometer (stick on) 1 x 10L Fermenter (with tap) 1 x Long Handle Spoon / Paddle
Plus, Full upgrade to SS EZ Filter container system including carbon block, 1 x 10L holding container, 1 x 10L dispensing container with tap Plus 5L Measuring Jug Plus Over $100 worth of flavours for Free!!! $365 in extra value !!




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